About Penticton & Wine Country

Penticton is a warm and welcoming lakeside community that offers high-quality wine and culinary experiences and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation in a climate that is one of Canada's most appealing.


Our History

Lakefront Penticton in 1910, with SS Okanagan docking at Government wharf.

Penticton, or "Snpintktn" as translated from the Interior Salish language of the Okanagan First Nations, means "a place to live forever" (the commonly accepted translation) or "a place to live year-round."

The first non-Native settler in the area was Tom Ellis, an Irishman who came here in 1865 and is credited with laying the groundwork for the town. By 1907, some 600 people called Penticton home and it was officially recognized as a municipal district by the Government of British Columbia. Four decades later, Penticton was incorporated as a city.

A detailed Penticton history is available on the Penticton Museum & Archives website


Penticton Wine & Country Population

British Columbia's population is the third fastest growing in Canada and is now over 4 million. The population increased 5.3 percent between 2001 and 2006. The growth was due almost entirely from in-migration from other countries. More than three-quarters (77%) of the immigrants to BC over the 1996 to 2001 period were from Asian countries, followed by European countries (12%) and North and Central America (4%).

The population of Penticton is 31,909 and the greater Penticton population is 43,313 (Statistics Canada, Census 2006). The rapid growth which occurred in the mid-1990s has been tempered with a more manageable, slow but steady increase. It is anticipated growth will average about 1 to 2 percent per annum over the next five years within the greater Penticton area.

The pleasant climate of the south Okanagan makes the area a popular place to retire that contributes to a median age of the population which is higher than the provincial median age. Net migration to the area will continue to be high and population growth is expected to be strong through the next two decades.

For a more detailed picture of Penticton's demographics and population, go to Penticton Economic Development Service's Imagine Penticton site.



Best Climate in Canada

Penticton & Wine Country enjoys what is arguably the most attractive climate in all of Canada, with low levels of precipitation, high average temperatures, comfortable humidity levels, short winters and early springs.

With over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually, it's no wonder one trip to Penticton usually turns into several. People just keep coming back!

To view current weather forecasts and historical data visit the Weather Network

When Environment Canada did its national survey, Penticton came out shining. In the Climate Severity Index based on four factors of discomfort, psychological effect, hazard, and outdoor immobility, Penticton rated the best, with the lowest score of 16. The lower the score out of a possible 100, the less stress is induced by climate.

Canadian Cities Climate Comparison



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